2015 Washington Youth Soccer Founders Cup

Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2015 Washington Youth Soccer Founders Cup tournament for the age group.
Boys Under 11 23 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Seattle United West B03 Blue Seattle 104162532   Daniel Mellibosky
 A2 Crossfire Select B03-Lower n/a 207141024   n/a
 A3 2014 Lake Hills Legacy B03 Bellevue 201103013   Jim Rauch
 A4 Washington Timbers B03 Burgundy Washougal 514228236   Joseph Schneider
 B1 South Tacoma - Little Stars Puyallup n/a   Felix Torres
 B2 TC United BU11-Hamilton Lacey, Washington 712253524   Ben Hamilton
 B3 Crossfire Select B03-Pombo Redmond 207141025   Alexandre Pombo
 B4 Seattle United South B03 White Seattle 104162754   Peter Cadigan
 C1 NSC Galaxy B03 Woodinville 210185653   n/a
 C2 Seattle United South B03 Blue Seattle 104162752   Carlos Enriquez
 C3 Eagles Renton n/a   Kenneth Stumbo
 C4 Kent United B03 Green Renton n/a   Lorne Green
 C5 Seattle United NE B03 Blue Seattle 104162634   Michael Ochoa
 D1 MIFC Arsenal 03 071/Rigby Seattle 201104071   Colin Rigby
 D2 Seattle United SH B03 Blue Seattle 104162432   Carlos Valencia
 D3 Newport FC Phantoms '03 Federal Way 201105006   Shawn Henry
 D4 Mukilteo/Rush Select B03 Mukilteo 113353005   Joseph Smeby
 D5 TC United BU11-Carlton Lacey, Washington 712253525   Sean Carlton
 E1 NSC Nitro B03 Woodinville 210185652   Michael Bragg
 E2 BIFC 03 Blue Bainbridge Island n/a   Alex Jungnitz
 E3 Seattle United West B03 White Seattle 104162534   Cheong Wong
 E4 2014 BYSC Select BU11 VanGaver A n/a 201101412   n/a
 E5 SK United 03 Port Orchard 440266018   Kent Hassebrock

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