Shown below is the list of accepted teams for the 2015 Washington Youth Soccer Founders Cup tournament for the age group.

Boys Under 11 23 - Accepted Teams
Group Club/Team Name City Team ID  Head Coach
 A1 Seattle United West B03 Blue Seattle 104162532   Daniel Mellibosky
 A2 Crossfire Select B03-Lower n/a 207141024   n/a
 A3 2014 Lake Hills Legacy B03 Bellevue 201103013   Jim Rauch
 A4 Washington Timbers B03 Burgundy Washougal 514228236   Joseph Schneider
 B1 South Tacoma - Little Stars Puyallup n/a   Felix Torres
 B2 TC United BU11-Hamilton Lacey, Washington 712253524   Ben Hamilton
 B3 Crossfire Select B03-Pombo Redmond 207141025   Alexandre Pombo
 B4 Seattle United South B03 White Seattle 104162754   Peter Cadigan
 C1 NSC Galaxy B03 Woodinville 210185653   n/a
 C2 Seattle United South B03 Blue Seattle 104162752   Carlos Enriquez
 C3 Eagles Renton n/a   Kenneth Stumbo
 C4 Kent United B03 Green Renton n/a   Lorne Green
 C5 Seattle United NE B03 Blue Seattle 104162634   Michael Ochoa
 D1 MIFC Arsenal 03 071/Rigby Seattle 201104071   Colin Rigby
 D2 Seattle United SH B03 Blue Seattle 104162432   Carlos Valencia
 D3 Newport FC Phantoms '03 Federal Way 201105006   Shawn Henry
 D4 Mukilteo/Rush Select B03 Mukilteo 113353005   Joseph Smeby
 D5 TC United BU11-Carlton Lacey, Washington 712253525   Sean Carlton
 E1 NSC Nitro B03 Woodinville 210185652   Michael Bragg
 E2 BIFC 03 Blue Bainbridge Island n/a   Alex Jungnitz
 E3 Seattle United West B03 White Seattle 104162534   Cheong Wong
 E4 2014 BYSC Select BU11 VanGaver A n/a 201101412   n/a
 E5 SK United 03 Port Orchard 440266018   Kent Hassebrock